MJM Fashion is a wholesale company that was founded on the core principles of supplying upscale fashion to deserving boutiques and department stores at reasonable prices. With top designers & state of the art production methods MJM follows through the production process making your fashion dream a reality.

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Noire is a young-contemporary and imaginative line of clothing known for its distinctive prints and graphics as well as classy, yet feminine. Our style is clean and modern, with details giving each piece of clothing personality. Noire brings high-quality design, fabrics and construction to our customers for attainable prices. The collections always reflect a strong sense of fashion and never neglect the charming nature that sets Noire apart from the rest.

Noire is a fun and energetic brand and this reflects the lives and philosophies of the entire Noire team. Over the years, we have maintained a loyal customer base, giving us valuable feedback and allowing us to continue improving our fits, fabrics and designs. Paying close attention to fine details and the quality of all products has ensured that Noire delivers nothing but the best.

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Pink Orchid

Pink Orchid is a luxury fashion brand, specializing in ladies occasion wear. Since its establishment in 2014 the brand has become a major player in global fashion and is rapidly expanding both on and offline. Strong brand identity and consistent in-house design ensure Pink Orchid is the ‘go to’ you can rely on for a special event. With a unique take on the trends of the moment, stand out silhouettes, body perfecting construction and premium embellishment offer everything needed to maximize your look for when it matters most.

The high attention to detail sets apart a Pink Orchid garment from all other brands. Customers come back to Pink Orchid time and time again due to their emphasis on the best quality products possible. So, if you’re shopping for an extra special occasion such as a black tie event, wedding or prom; you can be sure to find the perfect outfit at Pink Orchid.

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Since the beginning, Middleton has hit the ground running! Sophisticated design, carefully picked materials, and fine workmanship is what makes the brand compelling. Catching the eye of every shopper. Middleton has established unique stand-out collections that will sweep you off your feet!

Celebrated in both the online and offline market, Middleton was established in Manhattan, New York in February 2014. Since then, you can find the brand being sold at major retailers throughout the nation! Playing with proportions and disregarding fashion trends, Middleton is not afraid to take risks and have fun with new styles. From over-sized culottes to fully sequin graphic shift dresses, there’s something for everyone!

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Olivia strives to make clothes that make you want to kick off your shoes and dance to the beat of your own drum. The Olivia is a free spirited wanderer.  Her aura is magnetic, and she stands out in a crowd.  She can be found jamming in the front row at a music festival in a Olivia maxi and a fringe vest.  The Olivia brand is more than just clothing, it’s a way of life.  It’s music, travel, free spirits dancing by the Music Festival while your favorite rock band blares in the background. It’s the party that everyone wants to be at and it’s not stopping until the whole world is dancing. 

We are excited to drum this label to you coming to boutiques near you Spring 2016!

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The Velvet Label

The Velvet Label is a Manhattan based, New York-vibe lifestyle brand designed for the women who are young, or young at heart. We are best known for clothing that reflects the timeless and effortless style desired by today’s contemporary women. Using only fabrics that are easy to wear and easy to care for, our shirting, dresses, and skirts are becoming wardrobe staples for fashion savvy customers around the country.

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Locally designed in the heart of New York, MJM designers bring versatile style and luxurious comfort to the everyday. One of a kind textures, limited edition fabrics, and hand-sewn feminine embellishments are the signatures that bring individual character to every piece. From brunch to work to nights out on the ton, Penelope carries you effortlessly from one city-kissed adventure to the next.

We are excited to bring our Penelope label to you coming to boutiques near you in Spring 2017!

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We countdown the days to the MJM release dates of the next seasons styles. The anticipation can be felt in the air... 

N.L., Fashion Stylist

MJM is a pleasure to work with. They're styles are like no others & the service is off the charts, season after season they are beside us from when we place our order to receiving the merchandise!

Lauren D, Buyer

The styles speak for themselves!

Sarah C, Fashion Blogger

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