About MJM Fashion

Who we are

A global luxury group, MJM Fashion develops an ensemble of luxury houses in fashion, leather goods and accessories from the following brands Anne Finn, Gabriella Rosalie, Gentle Pedals, Hello Gorgeous, Inspired by M, Olivia, Shades of Blue & Velvet Bow.

By ‘empowering imagination’, MJM encourages its brands to reach their potential, in the most sustainable manner.

We empower imagination

Imagination — the ability to conceive something that does not yet exist — is what drives us at MJM. It fuels the creativity of our brands and makes us more resourceful as a business.

Our approach to empowering imagination takes many forms. It means providing back-end services to our brands, so that they are free to focus on product design and innovation.

It means nurturing talent and raising the bar for sustainable industry practices. It also means speaking out and supporting women’s rights in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

We believe sustainability is a business opportunity

For MJM Fashion, sustainable business is smart business. Smart business does not respect convention, it respects innovation, pioneering business models and outside-the-box-thinking. As our world closes in on its limited resources, new challenges will continue to arise for our Group, our industry and beyond.

Driven by this conviction, we propel our brands to lead with business practices that contribute to a better world economically, environmentally and socially. We believe that the payoffs of becoming a more sustainable business to create positive value for our people and our planet, make the endeavors not only worthwhile but also essential.

We develop talent

Diversity — of gender, nationality, age, background, talent and aspiration — is part of the MJM Fashion experience. The Team is keen to attract and develop the best talent in all aspects of our operation. We want to create an environment where every one of us is encouraged to learn, to lead and to have an impact.

We also nurture rising talent through partnerships with organizations offering internships alike. Giving a chance to all the young students who are looking to make an impact in this great industry

We support everyone in developing leadership

At MJM Fashion we believe that with the right vision, motivation and level of engagement, everyone can be a leader. Our MJM Fashion Leadership Model is based on these themes: Create with a vision; Drive and deliver; Engage with all; and Build from heritage to legacy.
By encouraging our employees to balance these skills, we empower them to deliver MJM Fashion strategy and thereby contribute to its development.